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Musk Incense Stick

Rs. 899 Rs. 1,499

Musk Incense Stick

  • Premium Musk Incense Stick : Coming from the gland of the musk deer, this enticing scent has been associated with royalty. Deep, rich, and in every sense, musk-y, this scent is a combination of subtle, but powerful. Warm, soft, and woody in nature, this fragrance lingers on like powdered particles floating in the air, long after the incense stick has burnt.
  • Net volume  : 240 gram
  • Why you’ll love it
  1. The aroma of musk comes with a sense of grandeur, taking your homes to a magical place
  2. The calming properties of the musk scent, helps soothe the mind and body almost instantly
  3. Neither fruity, nor earthy, there is a raw blend in the scent that enhances connections with your inner self in times of retrospection and solitude
  4. Apart from being extremely pure, and subtly strong, this fragrance is also extremely long-lasting
  5. Make new beginning with these oudh incense stick and feel connectedto the highest spiritual power in the universe. 
  6. Awake your inner Consciosness and stay coneected withyour Divine master by immersing yourself in the aroma of natural incense Stick

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