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Gugal Incense Stick

Gugal, is a flowering plant known for its fragrant resin. Like camphor, the gugal resin is also known for its medicinal properties, and often used in Vedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. The warm, earthy, slightly sweet aroma of the guggul resin, makes this uniquely earthy incense stick an extremely popular choice amongst users.

  • Net volume : 80  gram
  • Why you’ll love Gugal Incense Stick
  1. The warm, woody fragrance of Gugal creates a very unique, earthy fragrance that helps stimulate the mind of body
  2. The aroma of Gugal helps with enhancing a clear aura in the house
  3. Promoting a calm, soothing effect on the mind and body, this scent is extremely comforting and serene
  4. Try meditating with these incense sticks and feel that anxiety, tension, and stress of the day melt away
  5. Awake your inner Consciosness and stay coneected withyour Divine master by immersing yourself in the aroma of natural incense Stick
  6. Make new beginning with these oudh incense stick and feel connectedto the highest spiritual power in the universe. 

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